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Everthing You Need to Know About Bubble Wraps
When using bubble wrap, there are a few "tips" for proper use. First, when you are using bubble wrap as a cushioning material, make sure to use enough wrap so that all sides and corners are protected. Make sure that there is at least two inches of bubble padding between your product and each wall of the box. You also want to make sure to use enough wrap (or other void fill material in conjunction with bubble wrap) to eliminate movement of the packaged item when you shake the box. When you are done packaging your product, shake it. If you feel the product moving, you need to add more packaging material.

Bubble wrap is available in five standard thicknesses as shown below.

Bubble Wrap Thickness
Comparison Table

Bubble Thickness Suggested Use
Interleaving and/or surface protection.
Cushioning of light weight products.
Interleaving and/or surface protection.
Cushioning of medium weight products.

May be used as protective wrap.
Cushioning of light to medium weight products. Interleaving.
Cushioning and/or void fill for light to medium weight products, blocking, and bracing.
Cushioning and/or void fill for light to heavy weight products, blocking, and bracing.

In general, smaller bubbles have greater strength to resist popping. Larger bubbles offer softer padding. When in doubt, pack with the smaller bubbles.

Please NOTE: If a heavy weight is left sitting on bubble pack for a long period of time, the bubbles will slowly go flat. This happens because air can slowly diffuse right through the walls of the plastic bubbles. As a result, ordinary bubble pack doesn't work well for long term storage.

The Fundamental Uses of Bubble Wrap

We’ve all grown up popping bubble wrap and just enjoying the comforting sensation of it. As little kids, we’ve all been awestruck at the first sight of bubble wraps and even today, most adults might just give in to the strong urge of grabbing and popping bubble wrap for sheer satisfaction. However, not a lot of people are aware of why and how bubble wrap is used. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you.

Diversity of Bubble Wraps

If you haven’t seen bubble wrap as anything but a sheet of bubbles to pop, this part might come as a surprise to you. There are different kinds of bubble wraps available in the market, and all are useful for the purpose of shipping your items without fearing that they’ll break.

Anti-Static Bubble Wraps

These endearing, colored, anti-static bubble wraps are specifically designed to protect products that are prone to damage caused by static electricity. These bubble wraps ensure that any product that is sensitive to static will not be affected while inside the wrap. The bubble wrap is ideal for electrical equipment such as computer components. They’re also available in a variety of sizes.

Clear Bubble Wrap

The most common kind of bubble wrap, the clear wrap ensures that your items are free from dust and will not break even when handled vigorously. The heavy-duty molded polyethylene air-filled bubble cells are designed in a way that reduces vibration, absorbs shock and surmounts abusive management. They’re available in a variety of sizes.

Bubble Pouches

Bubble pouches are ideal for placing objects and items to seal them and protect them from shocks, damage caused by vibration, as well as to surmount violent handling. They’re ideal for shielding items that are delicate and fragile, and also for items that have to go through a hefty process of shipping from one place to another.

Another notable fact is that bubble wrap gives you transparency and allows you to identify your products easily and effortlessly. They’re also ideal for cushioning products made of glass or delicate materials in order to ensure that they do not break or crack. Even bubble pouches are available in various sizes, which gives you the simplicity of picking the size most suitable to the object.

Why Are Bubble Wraps Used?

In addition to the abovementioned uses of bubble wrap, they’re extremely useful for the purpose of moving your products from one place to another. You might have noticed that when you buy products such as glassware or China plates, they’re most likely to be wrapped in bubble wrap. This is due to the fact that bubble wrap gives you the perfect solution to moving your products without fearing that compromising the value of the product itself.

The fact that bubble wrap is available in a variety of sizes and dimensions, is further proof of how useful it is and how much it is used on a daily basis. All in all, they are a much better option than just plain paper, etc., to conceal your items in.