Portable Storage Container! Cows of Toronto

If you are not comfortable leaving your possessions in a storage and you don’t want to drive to take something from the storage, then probably you should consider the portable storage containers that can be dropped off at your driveway, in front of your house, yard or open area like grass.

These big storage containers are about 16 inches and you can easily move and carry with a truck. With these portable containers, even you are able to store entire your office items or a small house or apartment.

Mainly we offer these containers to customers who are looking for temporary storage solutions for renovations and moving. You will personally move your belongings and there will be minimal interaction with strangers.

COWs of Toronto, where COW stands for Containers on Wheels, is one of the most popular companies for storage services. They give customers and clients access to mobile storage units and they can lock the containers with your own locks.

COWs also offer different storage solutions that fit different time frames and costs.

Renting storage units usually entails a do-it-yourself practice. Unlike other moving services, the company will only be responsible for bringing the storage container to you. If you want help for packing and moving to the container, you should hire movers to help. They will take care of packing, un-packing and moving. If you want to save on storage, and you can move your belongings to the container, then COW is the best option or you.